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Healthlink is a great resource for health advice, information, and finding healthcare and can be reached by simply dialling 811. Sometimes, this option can be faster than going to a hospital, or clinic. HealthLink is great for international students as you can request service in your native language.

If you require immediate assistance and believe it is an emergency, please dial 911.

Walk-In Clinics

Walk-in clinics are a great option for dealing with minor ailments, injuries, and routine examinations. You can call 811 to find a clinic nearest you.

Health Care Insurance

Medical expenses can be expensive in Canada. All international students are required to obtain health insurance while studying in Canada.

You can find out how to do so HERE.

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Students who will be studying in Canada for less than 12 months must purchase a private health insurance plan through an insurance company or agent in your home country or Canada. Medical insurers in Canada are authorized to provide this service to those who apply within 5 days of arriving in Canada.   If you have been in Canada for more than 5 days, contact Broker Advantage at 1-877-294-1810.  

In Alberta, you can contact Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) to cover specific medical expenses.

AHCIP Information :

Download AHCIP Application Form :

Medical Insurance Registry Office in Calgary :

* We do not recommend a particular plan or agent.  We advise you to talk with 2 or 3 insurance agents and compare prices and services before making a decision on which plan to buy.


Find community and online mental health resources.


Please note that while we believe these resources are reputable and of potential value to the campus community, Aesthetics Pro does not officially endorse the following links or accept responsibility or liability for information noted within these external links.

For students who would prefer counselling support, there are several options of agencies that provide affordable services and/or referral information:

The Distress Centre or 403.266.4357 (HELP). -- The Distress Centre has 24-hour support, and their motto is “no problem is too small to call.”

The Calgary Counselling Centre offers counselling to couples, individuals, youth, and families, with services offered on a sliding scale based on income.

Carya offers counselling and workshops, with services offered on a sliding scale based on income.

Wood's Homes  offers immediate, no fee counselling.

Access Mental Health is a provincial organization that can help you navigate the addictions and mental health systems.


The Canadian Mental Health Association is a nation-wide, voluntary organization promoting mental health for all through advocacy, education, research and service.

Helpguide is one of the world’s largest and most highly regarded mental health websites for unbiased, reliable information on a variety of subjects.

Mental Health Guide for College Students is designed to help you identify the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues for college students. This guide will guide you on where and when to seek help as well. 


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