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Training at AESP International School of Beauty is the best grounding you can get for a career in beauty, you’ll be in high demand.
AESP is always on the look-out for talented aesthetician.
See current job vacancies within the network.

Graduate Job Ready With Our
Work-Integrated Learning Model

A career in beauty is hands-on, so we adopt this thinking into how we get you ready!
Build your resume with real industry experience while you study through our highly regarded Student Work Program. In our courses, we give you extensive practical work experience whether it be through our Training Treatments program, industry internships or working in our Student Spa, we make sure we expose you to exactly what it means to be a working beauty professional! This guarantees you’ll leave with an extensive resume and the confidence to match it.

Training Treatment

In order to build confidence and experience in providing beauty services and creating makeup looks for a diverse range of clients, practical learning happens in the classroom. Our Training Treatments program gives you access to real clients as part of your learning, so treating, interacting and providing exceptional service will become second nature.


Build up your clientele & get pai in Student Work Program @ AESP.

We Give You Support

Gain experience in learning marking & posting. We provide you with marking & posting materials to achieve your goal.

Resume Templates

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