Gold Elixir Redensifying Serum 黃金逆齡精華液 30ml



Gold Elixir Redensifying Serum 黃金逆齡精華液 30ml




成份 : 51 + 3 HYALU COMPLEX™多重賦活複合因子•透明質酸複合物•黃金膠原(GOLDEN Collagenine)•親膚肽•透明質酸交換技術•透明質酸黃金微囊.


使用方法 : 早、晚潔膚及爽膚後,將一滴管黃金精華,輕按於面、頸部,直至完全吸收,避開眼周肌膚。


A luxurious formula that fills and smoothes, for timeless beauty. Developed to actively combat wrinkles and signs of ageing. A sublime gold infusion with GOLDEN Collagenine and the “noa. g.e.s peptides” amino peptide complex, which stimulate collagen production and combat wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of skin tone associated with “glycation”, one of the main skin ageing processes caused by excess sugar in the diet. Enriched with golden hyaluronic acid micro-capsules that melt on contact with the skin, infusing it with a precious radiance.



51+3 hyalu complex, GOLDEN Collagenine, pro derma peptides, Cross-linked hyaluronic acid tech, hyaluronic acid microbeads.
GOLDEN Collagenine: Peptides and colloidal gold to stimulate the formation of new collagen. No-a.g.e.s Peptides: protect the collagen from gluycation and from other degradation processes.

How to use : shake before using.
Morning and evening, on cleansed and toned face, apply with fingertips from the center of the face to countours lightly massaging in a circular motion to promote the absorption of its precious microcapsules. Then move on to the neck, starting from chin and going down to décolleté. Made to combine with any ICON TIME cream to meet the needs of every age.

Gold Elixir Redensifying Serum 黃金逆齡精華液 30ml

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