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Professional Beauty Device

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Professional Beauty Device can have multiple of benefits to the skin, including helping boost the efficacy of the products used during the treatment, and helping to stimulate the surface skin layers.

All Beauty Device for Esthetician?

Not all devices are for the esthetician, however. Some medical practitioners caution against using beauty devices that are invasive or puncture the skin, even if marketed for esthetician use.

Each device also has unique contraindications, which can include pre-existing conditions such as pregnancy, open lesions, high blood pressure, asthma, metal implants or excessive fillings, rosacea, pacemakers, advanced diabetes, medications such as Accutane, and epilepsy. It is for this reason that it is always advised that devices be used by professional estheticians and through professional advice and recommendation.

When it comes to which type of modality to use, the answer depends on the desired benefits.

Microcurrent works by stimulating the muscles of the face, helping with the structural firmness of the skin. Cosmetically, Microcurrent is generally considered an option for maintenance.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) sends pulsing current specifically to the muscle, causing it to periodically contract and relax.

LED treatment or light therapy can provide a wide array of benefits, from assisting in the penetration of the product to helping reduce the appearance of oil on the skin.

Education is the best way for the esthetician to make the correct choices in using various modalities in conjunction with topical skin care. It is for this reason that Aesthetics Pro conducts ongoing education for students.

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