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Student Services


Administrative Office Hours

Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm for questions and information.

International Student Support Service

The International Student Support Service provides a dedicated space for students to get information from housing and health care to Banking.

Click here to Student Resources page

Student Discounts

Student discounts are valid from the first date they start the program until the date they graduate or leave the program and are only valid at the Aesthetics Pro in which the student is enrolled.


Our Admissions Representatives are available to assist the students with finding living accommodations if needed.

The Institute is not responsible for finding or providing accommodations, but the admissions representatives are able to assist by helping search local ads for rental housing, as well as suggest areas close to the institute.

Student Feedback & Cross-Cultural Communication Support

Student Meetings

Students can schedule one-on-one meetings with our designated adviser. These meetings are designed to help foster communication with students. At this time students will be able to review their hours for the module, their grades, obtain feedback and discuss their progress to date, students concerns, and students can discuss any topics relating to the Academy that they wish. These meetings are confidential.

Career Counselling Services

International students are able to work in Canada whilst they study, provided they are registered as a full-time student in a designated learning program. Work in Canada, Working Off Campus, Co-op Work Permit, Working after graduation all information can be found under our Student Resources page.

Tutoring / Additional Training

The Aesthetics Pro will do its best to accommodate students requesting additional instruction during school hours at no additional charge.

If the student would like additional tutoring after hours they can request a list of tutors from the Registrar.

If a student requests additional instruction after completing the required number of hours for the course, it may be provided at the discretion of the Educator, at an hourly rate to be paid by the student in advance. Additional Fees May apply.

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